George Abdon

George Abdon

George Abdon has 35 years experience with cabinetry, remodeling, and kitchen design. His 10 years as a remodeling contractor gives him the practical experience to provide solutions to challenging building situations. In addition to being a kitchen designer, he maintains a current Unrestricted Builders License.

George's biggest gift is that he can walk into a space and envision the finished kitchen as though it's completed. He loves working with homeowners, leading people through the decision process one segment at a time so it's not overwhelming. Then he uses 2020 computer generated images to show the homeowner how it will look.

His practical building experience means that he knows how materials need to be provided, where elements need to be placed, and he understands the importance of timing deliveries to meet building schedules. Whatever the challenge, whether with the building or design, George brings effective and beautiful solutions to his clients.

SHOWROOM: Mansfield, MA

POSITION: Sales & Design


PHONE: 508.339.8020

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Designer Portfolio

North Weymouth, MA

Private Residence, Small Kitchen

Designed and Installed by George Abdon

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Cabinetry: HomeCrest
Door Style: Sedona
Wood: Hickory
Finish: Anchor Dark Gray Stain
Hardware: Stainless Bar Pulls
Countertops: Caesarstone, Quartz, Ocean Mist
Backsplash: Subway Tile, French Vanilla
Walls: Benjamin Moore Paint, Sail Away Blue

Stylish and efficient describes this small kitchen that makes a big impression. With well-planned storage there is plenty of room for the homeowner to have everything they need close at hand.

Beach-themed, the cabinetry is made of Hickory that has a strong grain and finished with Anchor Dark Gray Stain to look like dark driftwood. The theme is continued with "Ocean Mist" quartz countertop from Caesarstone, and "Sail Away Blue" Benjamin Moore Paint on the walls.

George not only designed this kitchen, he also put on his toolbelt and built it. He keeps his Unrestricted Builders License current, and takes on the occasional installation to keep his skills sharp.

This space was originally two tiny rooms with a wall where the peninsula is now seen. There was a standard exterior door coming in to a small room with a table and chairs. Removing that wall, installing a glass sliding door and the banquette created a comfortable living space with better views of the nearby water from both the seating area and the kitchen. The red oak flooring with satin finish is original to the home.

Open shelving is on trend, but George took it up a notch with a matching cabinetry panel and crown moulding to make a focal point with these floating shelves for display items.

The small penisula provides both working space when needed and seating for two people to visit with the cook, or enjoy a casual meal.

Large drawers next to the stove on the right-hand side keep pots and pans at hand, and the upper cabinets have aluminum frame doors that open upward for easy access.

Banquette seating for more people is made with matching cabinetry and paneling. It also includes storage drawers for items that are used less often. The smaller size hardware pulls are unnoticable when in use as seating.

This smart renovation makes everyday meal preparation easy, and the homeowner is now ready for relaxed entertaining.

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Advice to Homeowners

Focus on one part of the decision making process at a time.

Start with appliances. Think about how you want to cook: simple or gourmet? What type of refrigeration do you want: standard side-by-side unit, or refrigerator drawers? Do you want a wine cooler?

Then think about how you plan to serve food: Island with seating? More formal at a dining table? Do you entertain a lot? Do you want to be facing your guests? Or do you like to have privacy while you concentrate on creating your gourmet meals?

When George works with a client, he has found that breaking down the process into segments of appliances, cabinetry, countertops, and finally decorative hardware finishes helps to reduce stress. He will explain his reason for the order of doing things.

More About George

George still puts the toolbelt on and will sometimes install a kitchen by himself, which he has designed.

FAVORITE HOBBY: An avid sailor, George enjoys spending time in Boston Harbor.

FAVORITE MEALS TO COOK: George loves to cook, whether at home or aboard his 30 foot sailboat. He cooks meals that range from Middle Eastern and Italian to American.

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