Mike Azadnia

Mike Azadnia

NKBA certified as a kitchen and bath designer (CKBD) with over 15 years of experience in kitchen design, Mike was trained in building engineering. He understands the structural work being done by builders and contractors, and collaborates with them in the design phase of a project.

Mike's experience with surveying and architectural design plans allows him to see how the flow of a kitchen works with the rest of the house.

Guiding clients from start to finish, Mike helps clients with choices of color, decorative hardware, cabinetry, flooring, lighting, and even window treatments — all the way from planning to finishing touches.



POSITION: Sales & Design


PHONE: 401-921-0400

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Kitchen Design is a Process

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed initially. Having an experienced designer guiding you will reduce the stress and provide you with a better outcome than trying to do it yourself.

We go over options based on budget and the space available. I take my clients through one step at a time and go over each area.

As we talk, I'm able to find out their needs:

• Lifestyle

• How many people will use the kitchen at once

• Cooking preferences

• Left-handed or right-handed

• Amount of storage needed

Once there is a basic plan for the layout, we review cabinetry styles to select from, and color choices. A computer generated rendering helps the client to see the plan. Each completed kitchen is unique to the customer.

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Advice to Homeowners

Planning your ideas can begin with cabinet brochures, manufacturer websites, and researching other design ideas online.

Kitchen Views has many design ideas for you to explore on this website. Gathering these ideas of what you like and specific elements you want will be a great help when you work with a designer.

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More About Mike

FAVORITE HOBBY: Learning how to preserve food by pickling

FAVORITE MEALS TO COOK: Only cooking to survive, but enjoying it.

FAVORITE PASTIME: Being creative — doing wood burning craft design, and currently building a bowl from driftwood



After 15 years designing kitchens at Home Depot, he joined Kitchen Views in January 2018. From his time with Home Depot, he has experience selling cabinetry with kitchen design, plus other home finishes to both homeowners and contractors.

New England Institute of Technology graduate

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