Daniel Keirstead

Dan Keirstead

A lifelong woodworker, Dan has an extensive background in building and design. Growing up in New Haven, Connecticut in the shadow of Yale University afforded Dan exposure to a wide variety of architectural styles from a young age.

For the past 20 years he has done everything from antique building restoration and yacht interiors to commercial millwork and residential cabinetry in New York City and Fairfield County.

SHOWROOM: East Hartford, CT

POSITION: Design & Sales


PHONE: 860-698-3160

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Dan's Instagram Photos

While Dan is busy working on new kitchens and baths to be featured here in the future, here is a sampling of projects from Dan's Instagram page where you can look for new posts.

In his own words: Building is one part creative, bringing an idea to life, to existence in the world; and one part engineering, solving real-world problems, finding the method and materials to produce the product. When you build something with your hands and can step back and admire your work or fix something that presents a challenge the thrill is palpable.

Exceeding customers' expectations, revealing a project to your client, transforming a space that will bring them joy for years to come is about the most rewarding thing one can do for a living.

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True Story - Sweet & Savory - John cooking in his new kitchen

Advice to Homeowners

Being an ambitious chef himself, Dan sees the kitchen not only as a hub for the family but a place for practical, efficient work. Making meals that bring sustenance and joy to your loved ones requires hard work and inspiration. He attempts to bring his broad range of style and knack for clever solutions to create kitchens that facilitate the best possible outcomes for his clients.

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Daniel Keirstead, Masonic Officer

More About Dan

Dan serves as an officer in Hiram Lodge No 1, the oldest Masonic lodge in the state of Connecticut. He strives to improve himself through Masonry, strengthen the bonds of brotherhood among the fraternity and be of service to the community.

FAVORITE MEALS TO COOK: Broccoli Rabe or Crème Brulee

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Veselka serving up traditional Ukrainian food in the heart of the East Village.

FAVORITE HOBBIES: Tinkering and laughing (a lot)

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