Kyra Lawton

Kyra Lawton

Kyra started her design career at the age of 10 when she began re-designing her parents' home and her father dotingly worked as her assistant. She graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor of Architecture and her first job out of college was as a contractor/laborer on a residence in New Mexico. Nothing like learning from the ground up!

From there she moved to San Francisco where she worked as an architect and interior designer for well-established design firms. After 8 years in the field Kyra opened her own design studio. With her extensive design experience she helps homeowners decide if they should buy, renovate or sell knowing what their investment in a kitchen and bath will do for their long and short term goals.

POSITION: Designer


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More About Kyra

As a busy working mom with three children, she has a particular passion and flair for designing family-friendly kitchens. Everyone knows a kitchen is the hub of the home where all the magic and all the mess happen. Kyra also teaches kitchen and bath design at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) and is a licensed real estate professional in MA.

Some of Kyra's Favorite Things

FAVORITE FOOD TO COOK: Pancakes! If I’m making pancakes that means my children are home and we’re having a leisurely weekend morning together. It’s a rare event so I cherish my pancake making mornings.

FAVORITE THINGS TO DO: I love to run, bike, ski, paddle board and sit on the beach.

ADVICE TO HOMEOWNERS: Work with an experienced designer. They will save you time, money, and headaches. They can anticipate design problems and suggest design elements you never knew could be or should be incorporated into your kitchen to make your life run more smoothly!

WHERE TO SAVE THE MONEY: Appliances. There are so many great choices for a wide variety of budgets. Some of the best chefs I know create amazing meals from the most basic appliances.

WHERE TO SPEND THE MONEY: Cabinets. They are the foundation of your kitchen. If you put a beautiful stone countertop on poorly constructed cabinets, you will kick yourself if the stone is damaged when you have to replace the cabinets that did not age well or hold up as well as you had hoped.

FAVORITE STYLE: Mid-century modern