Raphael Martines

Raphael Martines

Raphael has worked on every kind of project, from quick flips to full upscale remodels, apartment complexes to new custom homes. His vast experience includes American and European construction, cabinet styles of overlayed and inset, indoor and outdoor kitchens.

Raphael is familiar with all levels of appliances and keeps up on new technology — residential, professional, and commercial — and can guide customers in making selections appropriate to their needs. He is familiar with the range of cabinetry products available on the market and can explain their similarities as well as the advantage comparisons of various types.

SHOWROOM: Mansfield, MA

POSITION: Kitchen & Bath Designer, Outside Sales


PHONE: 508-844-HOME [4663]

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Renovated kitchen in Kingston, MA designed by Raphael Martines

Raphael's Design Portfolio

Kingston, MA Kitchen Renovation Before & After

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Keep in mind that Raphael has worked on many more projects than the sampling shown here. He'd be happy to tell you more when you meet with him to discuss your project.

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White kitchen with warm wood island for casual dining

Spend Wisely

A homeowner should never skimp on cabinet quality or “must have” features such as a professional gas range, if that is your desire. It was Benjamin Franklin that said, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” and he was right on the money. Furthermore, the most common complaint a homeowner has after a kitchen remodel is “reverse buyer remorse”. When they wish they did spend those few extra hundred dollars for a specific appliance, a pot filler over the stove, or a utility cabinet.

However, there are budget friendly choices available. A number of cabinetry lines offer big name brand quality with reduced SKU options. If a kitchen does not require anything notably extravagant, the price of the cabinetry can be very fluid within reason, without dropping in quality. For countertops, there are a number of lesser known good quality materials that are “in house” at distributors, which are simply perfect to provide the level of durability homeowners have come to want while still remaining budget friendly.

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Gas stove with range hood

Online Research

Prepare with research, gathering ideas of the style you prefer, colors, finishes, and storage accessories for inside cabinets.

Before you purchase appliances, consult with Raphael and benefit from his knowledge. Kitchen Views does not sell appliances, but our designers can guide you through the extensive choices to match your needs and budget to appropriate choices. Appliances need to be selected before a cabinetry layout can be done, since appliances come in many sizes.

Some people like to clip photos and information out of magazines, others prefer to search online in places such as HOUZZ and collect photos in Pinterest. Kitchen Views has many design ideas for you to explore on this website. Gathering these ideas of what you want will be a great help when you work with a designer.

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Pretty white kitchen with little boy smiling

Advice to Homeowners

As a homeowner … always, Always, ALWAYS … remind yourself that this is YOUR kitchen and the only person that needs to be happy with it is YOU. Unless this is a flip, do not put such weight on resale value because a potential new buyer will likely remodel the kitchen anyway. Always ask yourself, “Do I see myself still loving this kitchen in 20 years?” Time flies by before you know it.

Embrace change … Rejecting change, especially if positive, just because it is not what you are used to is never good. Go outside your comfort zone. My goal is to exceed your expectations so you will love your new kitchen more than you could have imagined!

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Classic penne pasta with marinara sauce

More About Raphael

100% Italian born and bred, moved here in 2002. Everyone listening to me believes me to be Portuguese, but I am Italian.

Raphael previously worked as a stone distributor, which allowed him to dive much deeper into the permutations, origins, and properties of materials … common and exotic, natural and manmade.

FAVORITE STYLE: Transitional … bold painted finishes but not garish and definitely natural stones. My favorite being for sure Belvedere quartzite … leathered.

FAVORITE MEALS TO COOK: A tossup between Penne all’Amatriciana and my rum flavored Oreo cookie crust cheesecake (from scratch of course).

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Maggiano’s Little Italy. Best Tiramisu I've had this side of the ocean.

FAVORITE HOBBIES: Unabashed gamer