Mary Jane Robillard

Mary Jane Robillard

With over 12 years of experience in kitchen and bathroom design, Mary Jane likes getting to know people, what they’re looking for in a renovation, and then guiding them through the many choices that need to be made.

She grew up in Wickford, Rhode Island in a house that was built in 1750, so she naturally has an appreciation for historical architecture and antiques. She enjoys the fusion of old and new in design, as well as modern.

Mary Jane enjoys getting to work with different styles, as she works to bring the uniqueness of individual clients to the right design for them. Her strong work ethic is balanced with cooking and gardening in her free time.



POSITION: Sales & Design


PHONE: 401-921-0400

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Happy family in Wrentham, MA new construction kitchen designed by Mary Jane Robillard

Mary Jane's Design Portfolio

Sherborn, MA – Kitchen Renovation

Wrentham, MA – New Home Construction

South Kingstown, RI – Renovation 

Narragansett, RI – New Construction

Keep in mind that Mary Jane has of course worked on many more projects than the sampling shown here. She'd be happy to tell you more when you meet with her in person.

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Wrentham kitchen special refrigerator with window to view contents

Design Ideas to Consider

Are there specific new appliances you want to include? Sizes vary and their placement needs to be planned so you have them in the right places to make daily chores easier. This is where having an expert to guide you will really pay off in the long run.

Natural light enhances use of a space and impacts the décor. When regular windows are not providing enough sunlight inside, there are other new options. VELUX produces not only skylights — with a model that is solar powered so it needs no electric wiring — they also have another product that can bring light into interior spaces. SUN TUNNEL® Skylights are ideal for smaller rooms such as bathrooms, small kitchens, laundry rooms, plus closets and hallways.

Prepare with research, gathering ideas of the style you prefer, colors, finishes, and storage accessories for inside cabinets. Some people like to clip photos and information out of magazines, others prefer to search online in places such as HOUZZ and collect photos in Pinterest. Kitchen Views has many design ideas for you to explore on this website. Gathering these ideas of what you want will be a great help when you work with a designer.


You are also invited to read an article on the Kitchen Views Designers Blog by Mary Jane:

Internet Purchasing vs Showroom with Experienced Designer

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Kitchen installation in progress

Advice to Homeowners

Don't take down any walls before talking to a designer! Remodeling is very different from new construction and structural changes need careful planning.

Don't gut your kitchen before having a plan to rebuild it. If you've watched any home improvement shows, you know that sometimes unforeseen problems are discovered. An expert will know how to resolve any issues that are found.

Think about your purpose in renovating your home. Do you want a stylish update? Do you want a layout that works better for you? Are you looking for more storage? Everyone has their own priorities, so it's important to discuss these ideas and include them in the design.

New construction will benefit from the involvement of a designer in addition to the architectural plans. While it can appear to be a blank slate for whatever you want to do, it's easier to make design changes before the building begins. Making changes later will cost more, and you want every dollar to be spent wisely. Sometimes a tweak to the plans can be recommended by a designer that improves the layout for your specific needs and desires.

Planning for the future will impact decisions. If you expect to move within the next few years, renovations should be geared to what most people would want in order to improve resale value. However, if you plan to stay in your home for many years, let your uniqueness as an individual be seen in your choices of style and finishes. This is a major investment, so it should fulfill your long awaited dreams for your home.

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Sherborn, MA kitchen

More About Mary Jane

FAVORITE QUOTE: "Good design is a mix of beautiful shapes and clever solutions to functional problems." I read that in Architectural Digest and it has guided my design philosophy and career.

FAVORITE HOBBY: Reading and Gardening


FAVORITE MUSIC: Live music in all genres

FAVORITE PASTIME: Relaxing at the beach in summer, and enjoying nature with the process of the seasons all year.

RIBA Member News Robillard joins RIBA board

Industry Recognition

RIBA Member News August 2023
Mary Jane Robillard is the newest member of the Rhode Island Builders Association's Board of Directors! Click here to read a PDF of the full article.

July 2021 LUMBER CO-OPERATOR magazine by Northeastern Retail Lumber Association (NRLA) recognized Mary Jane Robillard as a Rising Star in the industry. Click here to read the magazine interview.



Previously Mary Jane was with Kitchen Countertop Center NE for five years, where she worked on kitchen design for residences and multi-units. Her work included The Commons at Providence Station, residential apartments designed on trend with slab style cabinetry in white and gray. Another multi-unit project was contemporary cabinetry design for Boston University dormitories on Commonwealth Ave, Boston. She also worked with contractors on the Naval Base Residences in Groton, CT.

From her time with Home Depot, she gained experience selling cabinetry with kitchen design, plus other home finishes to both homeowners and contractors.

Continuing Education – UMass Amherst, Sustainable Building Materials and Technology

Continuing Education – Community College of Rhode Island, Color and Design

2002 to 2006 – Smith College, Liberal Arts

St. Mary’s Academy – Bay View graduate; National Honor Society, Rhode Island Honor Society, and Sisters of Mercy Honor Award

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