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KBB's Editorial Advisory Board Sweeps the KBIS 2017 Show Floor

PDF Trends seen at 2017 KBIS

The team reported on all that wowed them during the 2017 show. Everything from the Opening Ceremonies to the exhibitor booths to the latest trends were noted during their exploration.

Some of this year's trends include:

  • Micro-sized appliances and fixtures
  • Mixed materials on cabinets and hardware
  • Color customization and boldness
  • Residential design taking queues from other industries
  • Easy-to-use everything

Our own Brandy Souza is on the Editorial Advisory Board of K+BB, and has a segment in this magazine section about trends at the 2017 KBIS show.

January 2017 - Continuing the tradition of promoting from within the company, National Lumber is proud to announce the promotion of Brandy Souza to Vice President of Kitchen Views. Congratulations Brandy!

Read more about Brandy and her many contributions to Kitchen Views and National Lumber on the blog