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No matter the size of your kitchen, if you’re looking to remodel, there’s plenty you can do even with a small space. Small kitchens, in fact, can prove to be most efficient and the limiting space can actually lead to a great deal of inspiration design-wise.

Small Kitchen with Velux SUN TUNNEL skylights

To help with those homeowners who are challenged for space, Kitchen Views has an on-going blog series that you can find on about all the different ways you can use your small kitchen space innovatively and effectively. We hope to show you that not only do you not need to limit your imagination, but that you can do a lot for not as much as you think, and there are countless cabinetry, countertop, hardware, and design options to make your small kitchen work just like you've always dreamed!

For your convenience, we have archived all of our past Small Kitchen Designs That Work articles here on for you to peruse. As we release more, they will soon thereafter be archived here so you can come back and refer to them to your heart's content.