Wood Grain Characteristics

Written by Dennis Serge

Dennis Serge, Kitchen Designer, Mansfield, MA

When deciding on a wood specie for their new kitchen cabinets, customers should be aware that the beauty of a stained cabinet finish comes from the natural characteristics of the wood with its variations of color and grain.

Shadings of light and dark and other features such as mineral streaks contribute to the distinctive appearance that makes each piece of cabinetry unique. The grain and texture of the wood may range from even and consistent, to dramatic variations of color and tone that contribute to making a genuine wood cabinet so attractive.

These natural and unique characteristics of stained wood finishes should serve as a reminder that every wood component is different, and the look of the finished cabinetry in a complete kitchen may vary from that represented by a color block or a door sample.

Customers at Kitchen Views can rest assured that the designer they work with will take the time to explain these wood grain variations thoroughly, as part of the process of helping the customer make a well-informed decision and ultimately providing them with a kitchen they will be proud of.


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