Lana Christiano

Lana Christiano

Lana has been a kitchen designer for more than 15 years and she absolutely loves her job. Her vast range of experience includes working with contractors, installers, and homeowners in newly constructed homes, as well as working with clients on renovating existing kitchens. Recently, many clients have been interested in adding bars and entertainment areas in home additions or in their basements. Whatever the size of your project, Lana is excited to help make your dreams come true.


POSITION: Sales & Design


PHONE: 617-244-8020

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Casual dining area at peninsula of Needham, Lakeshore kitchen by H&N Homes

Lana's Design Portfolio

Needham, Lakeshore

Needham, Elder Road

Needham, Sachem

Dover, VT

In her own words: I want to make sure my client is happy and excited about their new kitchen. During the design process clients may say something like “it looks nice” or “I kind of like that” — but I won’t stop creating until I finally hear them say “I love it!”

Keep in mind that Lana has worked on many more projects than the sampling shown here. She'd be happy to tell you more when you meet with her to discuss your project.

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White and blue kitchen in Dover, VT

Design Ideas to Consider

In the initial designing period, I try to add in everything my client mentions they want or need in their dream kitchen. If we end up over their budget, it becomes a discussion about what is most important to them. With intentional designing, perhaps some elements could be added at a later date when they can afford them.

Prepare with research, gathering ideas of the style you prefer, colors, finishes, and storage accessories for inside cabinets. Some people like to clip photos and information out of magazines, others prefer to search online in places such as HOUZZ and collect photos in Pinterest. Kitchen Views has many design ideas for you to explore on this website. Gathering these ideas of what you want will be a great help when you work with a designer.

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Dark blue kitchen with white countertops in Dover, VT

Advice to Homeowners

Add in the things you want and make your new kitchen your own.

For example, if you do a lot of cooking using a good set of knives during prep, they should have a designated place where they are handy, but safely stored.

Unless space is extremely limited, I feel every kitchen should have a place for trash and recycling that is conveniently placed but easily put out of sight. Options are available for various configurations, depending on available space and preferences.

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Kitchen stove in Needham, Lakeshore by H&N Homes

More About Lana

It makes my day even better when customers come in with their dogs! I always keep dog treats at my desk.

FAVORITE MEALS TO COOK: Anything my children ask me to cook

FAVORITE HOBBIES: Drawing, sewing, and trying new recipes from America’s Test Kitchen

FAVORITE RESTAURANT: Alba on 53 in Hanover, MA. My brother and his family introduced me to it a few years ago.