What makes a kitchen "pet-friendly"?

Perhaps you want a designated eating area for your pet or bench seating where your pet can sit near you, but not be underfoot.

Each pet and each home is unique — you can rely on the Kitchen Views design team to help you find the best solutions for your situation.

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Pet cabinetry designed by Kitchen Views

Creative Pet-Friendly Kitchen Solutions

Kitchen Views will help you with these creative solutions and others:

(1) convenient drawer for treats

(2) base cabinet with a roll-up door

The cabinetry shown here cleverly hides this food storage area, while still providing convenient access.

This demonstrates how the Kitchen Views design team can creatively find solutions to every type of situation.

Injured cat cartoon

Cat-Safe Kitchen Design

Did your curious kitten burn its paws?

Here are some ways to make sure that doesn't happen.

Puppy playing in the trash

How to Keep Your Dog Out of the Trash

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