Kitchen Views True Stories

Before & After Remodeled Kitchens

Kitchen Views is proud to introduce you to our True Stories series. You'll find valuable information about kitchen remodeling projects done for some of our clients. See the amazing transformations, and then watch video interviews to hear from them first-hand and get their insights on the process of remodeling a kitchen.

Click on any of the images below to find customer profiles, photo galleries, video interviews and more from issues of the Kitchen Views design magazine.

Lori O'Driscoll

Restoring a Home

Sharon, MA 

Laura and her children in their new kitchen

A Family Affair

Newton, MA

Ingrid and John Molnar preparing a meal together in their new kitchen

Sweet & Savory

Northborough, MA

Henry and Neil in their new kitchen

The Gift

Beacon Hill, MA

Lori O'Driscoll cooking, with children hanging out in the new kitchen

Room to Grow

Sharon, MA