Decorative Hardware

You don't want to rush this decision. Cabinet hardware may seem like a small thing, but your choices will affect the everyday usability of your cabinetry and influence future changes.

Decorative hardware runs the gamut from simple knobs and pulls to unusual shapes to antique reproductions. Understated, stylish or attention-grabbing—it's all a matter of finding the look that fits your personal style, and the shape that will fit your needs.

You may want to consider how much use a cabinet knob or pull will get. How will it feel each time you pull on it?

Maybe you want exotic shapes that will make a visual statement in the room. Or, perhaps your priority is that the hardware needs to work with child-safe devices.

How many holes need to be cut for the decorative hardware you're considering? If one hole is used now, it might be easy to add a second if you want to change from a knob to a pull—unless the knob is centered in a drawer front and changing to a pull means cutting two new holes. But if you start with a pull and then want to go to a knob, you'll have either one or two extra holes, too.

Discuss your decorative hardware needs and desires with your Kitchen Views designer so that this personalized finishing touch will make you happy for years to come.

Baldwin Crystal finish knobs and handles

Quick Change

As a fun and simple do-it-yourself project, why not swap out your decorative hardware for a new look?

Just keep in mind the information above regarding the existing holes in your cabinetry doors and drawers. Single knobs are pretty easy to swap out, but pulls might have varying widths, so measure before going to the store.

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Sietto's hand blown glass knobs and handles

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Ceramic knobs photo from Pinterest

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