Becky Christman

Becky Christman

With over a decade’s worth of contractor sales experience, millwork specialty, and being involved herself in construction before that, Becky’s approach to designing a space actually entails envisioning each piece being put into place and how the installation is going to go. This approach helps your project go smoothly, and you can be assured she will be there every step of the way.

With an added background in music and being married to a chef, Becky also wants to make sure your space is something that inspires you personally and reflects your own unique personality.

Designing the new vignettes for the Gardner showroom and coordinating their construction was her first task for Kitchen Views.

Becky Christman
Sales & Design
With Kitchen Views Since: 2021
Gardner, MA
Phone: 978-630-5200
Berlin, MA
Phone: 978-838-0810

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Wolf Classic kitchen vignette at Kitchen Views in Gardner

Property Value

If you are remodeling your home with plans to move in the near future, Becky has her certification from the American Real Estate Academy, and knows what designs and features will help you get the best return on investment.

Compelling Reasons to Work With a Professional Designer

Reason 1: Your style is fantastic! However, it may not be just right for the eventual resale of your home if you ever plan on moving. No buyer wants to walk into a 1920’s craftsman and see a mid-century modern kitchen. Don’t worry though, you CAN incorporate elements of texture, color, wood, etc. that YOU LOVE that will still say, “Hey, this is my space!” but also go with the home’s style. A good designer will listen to you and blend your style with your home’s style.

Reason 2: Codes. A good designer will know clearances you should have all around the kitchen for today’s code requirements. Of course, you should always check with your local building inspector if you’ll be pulling a permit, which in most cases it’s good idea. Each town has its own set of specific requirements though. You might think it’s okay to copy your old layout or something looks good on paper, but it’s not up to today’s code. The designer will catch things that can help you avoid having to reorder cabinets.

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Flea market sale of old tools

More About Becky

Being raised in a 1790’s house in the middle of a flea market, Becky has had a passion for antiques (especially old tools) and old homes since she can remember. When not hard at work designing for you, Becky can often be found doing large renovation projects on her own current 200-year-old home.

In her spare time, Becky has recently joined the trumpet section of the Bedford Big Band playing classic jazz and swing music at various fundraisers and events around New Hampshire and Massachusetts.