Expert Advice on Getting Started

from our Kitchen and Bath Design Team

Whether you are renovating an old treasure or starting with a blank slate, designing and building a new kitchen has the potential to be a joyful and creative experience, or it could wreak havoc for months (yes, we've heard the stories, too). The Kitchen Views Design Team is committed to making your experience as easy and timely as possible.

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10 Tips for a Smoother Design Journey

A new kitchen involves much more than choosing a cabinet style. Our experts recommend the following 10 tips.

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Measuring Guide

Learn how to take the right measurements for your kitchen. Take these dimensions to your designer, so that your appliances, cabinets and countertops fit just right!

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To Summarize

Read everything you can to become an educated consumer. Learn the basics of cabinetry construction, product options and room layouts.

Look at Pinterest, websites, books, and magazines to see what style you like and gather design ideas.

Compile pictures and notes to show to your designer.

But ready or not, you can trust the Kitchen Views experts to guide you through the process, where the designers are pros and the views are yours.

Now call Kitchen Views at 508-DESIGNS [508-337-4467] to make a design appointment. We can help you to enjoy your kitchen before it's even built!

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