Westport, MA Kitchen

Designed by Ed Nunes

Private Residence | New Construction

Architect Mark Lawton

Contractor R.P. Valois

Greenfield logo

Ultracraft South Beach / Lux

Finish: River Stone Matte

Countertop: Caesarstone Fresh Concrete

Flooring: Hardwood

Consider the elegant simplicity of this beautiful kitchen in Westport, MA designed by Ed Nunes. Super contemporary, the streamlined cabinetry has no knobs or pulls, all cabinets are touch to open keeping with the minimalist design.

The island serves several purposes in the main floor, which blends the kitchen, dining and living room into one flowing space.

Don't let the visual simplicity food you, the flush mount induction cooktop in the island is practically invisible when not in use. Meal preparations are smoothly handled with an oven and microwave hidden on the other side of the island below the cooktop.

The work triangle of refrigerator, sink and cooking appliances is thoughtfully designed. From placing parcels on the island while unloading groceries, to gathering elements to make a meal, moving about is easy. Tea kettle or pots can be filled at the sink and a simple turn places them on the induction cooktop. Plentiful storage keeps cooking supplies and dishware hidden away.

Time to entertain guests? They can sit at the island and visit the cook or enjoy the view out the Andersen patio doors. The streamlined sink with a sleek faucet is accompanied by a dishwasher below the counter. So cleanup is handled quickly, too. Clear everything away and use the island as a buffet for prepared food.

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