True Stories from Kitchen Views

Room to Grow

Meet the O'Driscoll Family | Watch Lori and Amy Discussing the Kitchen

Sharon, MA remodeled kitchen


The new kitchen is spacious, with plenty of storage, new appliances, and a large island.

The new stove area includes a range hood for better ventilation and an unusual custom casement window placement to enjoy the beautiful view!

Before kitchen remodel in Sharon, MA


This was an efficient small kitchen with nice cabinetry and appliances. It just wasn't a large enough space for this growing family and their large extended family gatherings.

The wall with the stove was knocked down to use the space of the old dining room and the kitchen. The sink was moved to a new location.

Family activities in newly remodeled Sharon, MA kitchen


The new kitchen has plenty of elbow room for every member of this large family. Cooking, snack time, homework and relaxing to read can all happen at the same time in this comfortable room that invites the whole family to hang out together.