Cayill kitchen vignette view1 at Kitchen Views Showroom, Newton, MA

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Cayhill Kitchen Display

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Cabinetry: Omega
Door Style: Full Access, Cayhill
Finish: Walnut Natural and Oyster Paint
Hardware: Berenson 2096-40VB
Countertop: Natural Walnut and Dekton Keranium
Wall Color: Walnut and Pearl

In the Cayhill kitchen vignette featuring Omega Cabinetry, enjoy the warmth and beauty of walnut woodgrain balanced with ever popular white cabinetry to keep a light and open feeling.

Newton, MA showroom Cayhill close-up of wood base cabinets

Walnut cabinets

Natural woodgrains add character and warmth to this kitchen.

Cayhill kitchen white cabinets

White cabinets

The stove area has a Dekton Keranium countertop.

Upper cabinet electric assist opening in Cayhill kitchen vignette

Upper Cabinet Electric Assist

The upper cabinet here has an electric opening assist built in for easy access.

Upper cabinets and shelves provide closed storage and decorative accent space for the bar in the Cayhill kitchen vignette

Working space doubles as Bar

Plenty of storage and extra counter space make everyday tasks easier. This area also serves as a bar or buffet area for entertaining.

Closeup of woodgrain on bar in Cayhill kitchen vignette

Woodgrain on the Bar

Here is a closer look at the beautiful woodgrain.

Closeup of Berenson Hardware in Cayhill kitchen vignette

Bar Closeup

A closer look at the beautiful wood countertop.

Bar storage drawers open in Cayhill kitchen vignette

Bar Storage Drawers

These storage drawers have moveable dividers for holding plates and separators for utensils.