Kitchen Views True Stories

A Family Affair

This is a True Story of a Newton mom who teamed up with designer Lee Turner to create this beautiful family-friendly kitchen.

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Laura and her children in their new kitchen

“Lee was great. The relationship and the guidance that I received and the education I received with Kitchen Views was fantastic. I would highly recommend them.” ~ Laura Kay Hughes

Laura Kay Hughes

HOMETOWN: Born in Fort Worth, Texas; lived everywhere; currently resides in Newton Highlands, Massachusetts

FAVORITE RESTAURANTS: Dave's Italian Kitchen, Evanston, IL; and Poe's, Sullivan's Island, SC

FAVORITE TRAVEL DESTINATION: My motto is: "Have babysitter — will travel anywhere."

FAVORITE ACTIVITIES: Devoted wife and expectant mother who loves to play and entertain my 3 toddlers; avid Pilates participant.

SPECIAL TALENT: Classical Pianist

FAVORITE FOOD: I love Haribo Gummi Bears

FAVORITE MOVIES: Benjamin Button, The Painted Veil, The Fifth Element, Father of the Bride, When Harry Met Sally, Top Gun

PET PEEVE: I wish I could be more timely, prompt and punctual in life!


SOMETHING YOU LOVE ABOUT YOUR NEW KITCHEN: I love the in-cabinet ice-maker, the ENORMOUS corner Lazy Susan and under-cabinet lighting.

SUMMARIZE YOUR DESIGNER: Adaptable, flexible, creative, and last but not least, patient!

HOW HAS YOUR NEW KITCHEN CHANGED YOUR LIFE: I didn't realize how much bigger the renovation would make the kitchen until it was actually finished.

KV DESIGNER: Lee Turner (Now Retired)

SPECIAL DESIGN ELEMENT: Left-handed work layout

CABINETRY: Dynasty by Omega, semi-custom and custom cabinetry, Maple with an Oyster painted finish