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Newton, MA

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The new kitchen completes the new home that Laura Kay envisioned for her growing family.

Laura Kay is left-handed, so the space was designed with lefty-friendly accoutrements including a lefty-sink and placement of the dishwasher on the left, making the workflow comfortable.

She selected glass-doored cabinets for her dish and glass storage area. The glass-doored stacked cabinets above provide an opportunity to display special occasion glassware.

Although one of the windows was removed in the redesign, the room is bright by day with the particular window location that was kept and the light-colored cabinetry.

At night the pendants and ceiling fixtures illuminate the space evenly. Task lighting is abundant and displays are beautifully enhanced with accent lighting.

Before Hughes kitchen remodel in Newton, MA


When Laura Kay turned to their Realtor and said, "We'll take it," her husband thought she had lost her mind. But she was certain the old home's sundry remnants of a bygone era in interior decorating (especially the kitchen) were clouding his vision.

She loved the house, its neighborhood and community, and she would not be deterred by the obstacles they faced.


Blueprint plan for Hughes kitchen remodel in Newton, MA


Laura Kay Hughes and Kitchen Views designer Lee Turner worked together on the project and with each design iteration—there were six in all—the take charge homemaker grew increasingly confident with her choices and creativity. She put her whole heart and mind into the planning, and it shows.

Laura Kay is left-handed, so the design was carefully planned for her left-handed work pattern.



The gas stove top has knobs positioned for safety. The cook doesn't have to reach over burners, and being on the countertop rather than the front like many stove appliances keeps them out of reach from small children.

The low oven was also selected by Laura Kay as a safer option than a wall oven that could accidentally be walked into when the door is down.

The small cooking preparation sink in the island is conveniently positioned near the refrigerator and the stove.

High ceilings gave the perfect opportunity for extra storage space. The stacked cabinets topped with crown moulding beautifully conceal various items that are only used occasionally.

The impressive granite countertops complete the personalization of the new kitchen. Laura Kay searched very hard for just the right slab.