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Dekton is a carbon neutral product

Dekton inspires the future of architecture and design by creating soulful spaces where beauty and functionality coexist in a perfect synergy.

We have decoded natural stone, deciphering its unique beauty and performance to recode and upgrade it through technology into Dekton: The Technical Ultracompact Stone.

Dekton is a sophisticated mixture of more than 20 minerals extracted from nature. Dekton uses in its manufacturing the exclusive TSP technology, able to sinter mineral particles making them bond with each other.

Dekton perfects in a few hours what nature creates in thousands of years. Dekton’s exclusive press generates 25.000 tons of uniform pressure (2.5 times the weight of Eiffel Tower). As a result of this ultracompaction process, Dekton has no micro-defects that cause tensions or weak points and it has an almost null porosity.

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Dekton Countertop Advantages

The beauty of peak performance

Dekton withstands abrasion better than granite and porcelain, making it ideal for all interior and exterior applications. Its great resistant to impact and scratches makes it perfect for everyday use.

Dekton boasts very low porosity, making it extremely resistant to water and stains, which can be easily removed with standard cleaning products.

Dekton withstands the highest temperatures without any damage to the surface.

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In addition to stones such as granite and marble, and composites such as concrete, there are green options for you to consider, such as recycled glass and reclaimed wood.

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