Kitchen view 1 in Narragansett, RI designed by Amy Mood

Narragansett, RI Kitchen

Private Residence

Designed by Amy Mood, AKBD

Dynasty by Omega logo

Cabinetry: Dynasty
Door Style: Renner
Perimeter Cabinet Finish: Pearl
Island Cabinet Finish: Colonnade

Several features make this kitchen stand out:

The ceilings are so high that it was decided to have the cabinets end below the ceiling line to create a shadow effect.

The island is large, and to break up the size they offset the countertop height slightly on two sides where seating can be brought over. This also eliminated seams.

The clean lines of this cabinet door style are very popular.

Customer Testimonial

“Thank you for this amazing kitchen. It is the centerpiece of our house and so beautiful. Check out how we handled the countertops for the island...So unique and no seam!!

As always, you have been an integral part of creating the perfect place to cook and entertain. We are in love!!”

Sincerely, Kristen and Adrien

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