East Greenwich, Rhode Island Kitchen

Private Residence | Remodel

Designed by Lisa Zompa 

This small kitchen is not only beautiful, it's efficiently designed to include full size appliances, a lot of storage. To maximize counter space the microwave oven is installed next to the refrigerator in the storage wall area. An induction cooktop was selected for both function and safety. This streamlined appliance is unobtrusive when you’re not cooking, making the best use of counter space, and as efficient as a traditional cooktop when preparing meals.

The peninsula includes a raised countertop for bar seats. This casual eating area also hides the sink as it provides a divider between the kitchen and the dining room in the open floor plan. Looking into the kitchen, the display cabinets with double helix mullions draw your eyes to displayed items, enhancing the ambience of this beautifully converted cottage on the water.

Dynasty by Omega

Omega cabinetry logo

Cabinetry: Dynasty by Omega & Omega

Style: Cottage (Dynasty by Omega), Catalina (Omega)

Finish: Oyster with Caramel Glaze

Countertops: Granite

This kitchen was designed with a combination of Omega custom cabinetry and Dynasty by Omega semi-custom cabinetry.

The outside of the peninsula is cherry with nutmeg finish.

Custom Closet in East Greenwich, RI Kitchen designed by Lisa Zompa

Custom Closets

This homeowner needed a space for coats, shoes, and dog supplies, and they didn’t have a closet anywhere on the first floor. They decided on a custom “closet” cabinet from Omega.